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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Watcher: Happy Endings

Has the Connoisseuraus steered you wrong yet? I had the privilege of viewing Happy Endings, ABC's new half hour sitcom which premieres with two episodes back-to-back tonight, a few weeks back and I've been anticipating the premiere ever since. Basic premise: six friends, two are getting married. That is until, the bride decides to leave the groom hanging at the altar. Then she returns and for their friends' sake, they agree to stay civil to each other to maintain the group. Wackiness ensues. Here are a few short reasons why you should give it a shot:

  • The forumla works: Networks have been looking for the new Friends ever since 2004...when Friends ended. In those seven years, there have been tons of situation comedies where the situation seems oddly familiar; six young friends, half guys half girls, maybe a couple of em like each other, all a weird, neurotic and quirky with a penchant for pop culture references. There have been a zillion already failed shows like that this TV season alone. Endings doesn't have much to show for originality...but moving past that it works. But whereas past series have just thrown six random pretty people together this cast has genuine chemistry and the jokes flow well together. And hey, political correctness, the cast includes not only a black dude [Damon Wayans, Jr.] but a gay guy as well! And surprisingly he isn't the cardboard stereotypical gay dude viewers have come to expect at this point, and actually has some of the best one-liners! 
  • It's got potential: Even non TV geeks know at this point that the jury's out on a new show till you've seen at least the first 3 eps. It's hard to introduce new characters and new situations in one episode. What you're really judging a pilot on is potential; it may not be great but you can see it possibly leading to a perfected format. This pilot? I was entertained all the way through. And I read from other [professional] critics that got advance screeners that the pilots the weakest of the bunch. So it only gets even better!
  • It stars Elisha Cuthbert: It. stars. Elisha. Cuthbert
There's not much more to say really. It's funny. If you're looking for a new sitcom, especially if all of this season's failed Friends clones left you unmoved, then check this out tonight. 

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