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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Songs of the Week

Change Is Gonna Come - DMX
*So apparently the Sam Cooke sample got this taken down. Listen here: http://www.thelifefiles.com/2011/02/07/new-dmx-change-is-gonna-come-prod-by-swizz-beatz/
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Is this real life? DMX actually sat down in between jail bids (he's currently serving out a year for GodKnowsWhatThisTime; his 7th or 8th term) and made a song? A decent...wait, a HOT song? How? Is it 2001 ? Credit Swizz Beatz for being a good friend. You can't keep a grown man clean but throw him a good beat, lock him in the studio and that old greatness might resurface. I was quite skeptical when this dropped a couple weeks ago as part of Swizzy's weekly #MonsterMondays fake ass G.O.O.D. Friday free music initiative. Fast forward a few minutes later and I'm actually downloading it. Then fast forward to the other day, when I played it like 12 times in as many hours. My cynicism is warranted, for those who aren't in the know regarding how Dark Man X spends his time these days. He hasn't released an album in almost five years now. In that time span not a single loosey either, and if so it was so bad I mentally blocked it. Add the fact that he's probably spent more time in prison than his actual home, assuming he hasn't sold it for crack money. But man the lyrics...aren't terrible. Far from it. (Not perfect either though: "Industry's moving in a different direction/kinda like a bitch with an erection" ...*Shrug*) Can X get clean and pull a Recovery? (To be honest he could probably top Em in bottom of the barrel woe-was-me-ness). Let's hope Swizz keeps his man on his toes when he gets out. More like this please.

1997 - Dom Kennedy

"1997, I wrote my first rhyme/'I wanna marry you' is what I told my first dime/had my first drink, rolled my first dime/and I knew I was that nigga for the very first time."
This guy' s next. When he blows remember the Connoisseuraus told you. From the Westside with Love. Download it. That is all.

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