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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Songs of the Week

West Coast - Coconut Records
Homesick just when I thought I was sick of home. Oh, wait...from New Jersey. Oh well, the PCH sounds like a much better place to be right now. Some day, perhaps.

What We Know - Miles Fisher
Miles is a struggling actor with an uncanny resemblance to Christian Bale AND Tom Cruise, whose credits include Superhero Movie and an upcoming [yet another] Final Destination sequel. Soooo yeaaaa, not doing too hot. He also sings, and while I can't really lay claim to his acting skills yet it's a real shame that he's flying under the radar in this field because he's got a great voice. He has an EP with a great cover of previous Song of the Week, Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place" (Youtube the video, you'll see what I mean about that Christian Bale comparison), and this song, which is admittedly pop as hell and a little...odd. But I love it, and for some reason it's been in constant rotation this week. Enjoy.

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