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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hidden Treasures or The Art of Being a Fanatic

Say what you will about the God MC but you can't deny he's got a laundry list of hits. But for every "Empire State of Mind" and "Big Pimpin" there's an album cut or standout collaboration that may not make the concert setlist but features an equally five star beat laced with some of the illest wordplay courtesy of the self proclaimed "man who writes checks with the hand that don't write." Cut off that Odd Future and scroll down and educate yourself. Ya Philistines.

Lobster & Scrimp (w/Timbaland)
The chemistry between these two, both legends in their own right, is a little off these days. (See what I did there?) But late 90's, early aughts, sweet Jesus. Super fan bias non-withstanding how the hell did this fly so low under the radar? Probably because Tim's Bio: Life from da Bassment, Timbaland's little heard debut album that houses this and a few other notable songs flew even lower. Maybe it's the odd way they spell 'shrimp.' Maybe the average listener wouldn't be pressed to give a song called "Lobster and Scrimp" a spin no matter how they spelled it. Which is a shame because this is golden. The beat is a classic fast-tempo Tim banger, and hoo boy does Jay ride it (II). Fuck a quote, I might have to type a few bars to sell this point:

Initials on the headrest
It's official, style so sick I need bedrest
nigga I got issues
I hate fake bitches, 'you gotta wait' bitches
'I don't know you; I don't fuck on the first date bitches'
hotshot niggas, talk to the cops niggas
'money that's my girl!' cock-block niggas
see-you-in-the-club-and-scheme-on-your-watch niggas
talk-a-lotta-shit-with-no-glock niggas

Not to mention the retrospectively hilarious line "She stressin me now, sayin 'no-no-no then yea-yea-yea' like she Destiny's Child. But don't take my word for it. Just click play and see for yourself. *Just listen and avoid the epileptic video*

So Ghetto
The Jiggaman's last collabo with the legendary DJ Premier, for reasons unknown. Can be found on the underrated Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter. Hov may be the ambassador of hip-hop now, but he's always had a little thug in him.

I'm from the M-to the A baby, R-C-Y
so it's hard for me to let the larceny die
niggas see me in the street with no bodyguards
just two big guns that'll body ya squad
cuz niggas be schemin on me, prolly y'all
think Jigga's a joke nigga?

These are just two of many. Go do your homework. Watch the Throne and the 12th album coming soon. Y'all other rappers got a few months to get y'all thing together. Good luck.


  1. "So Ghetto" was raw but "Lobster & Shrimp" is forgotten for a reason. Its not bad but there is no reason to remember it ya digg.