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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Songs of the Week

Stan (Live) - Eminem Ft. Elton John

The Dido version is just fine but these days this recording of the live 2001 Grammy performance with Elton John handling hook duty is in constant rotation. Easily one of the best hip-hop songs of all time, the intensity and emotion is maintained, maybe even enhanced live and John's keys add a slightly different but welcome punch-up to the beat. Plus the unexpectedness of these two collaborating makes the whole thing quietly colossal.

Is That Your Chick? - Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z Ft. Missy Elliott & Twista
Been awhile since you heard this one hasn't it? This has been popping up in shuffle like it's new recently. Classic rap at its misogynistic best. The Jiggaman, while being one of the coolest people alive, also has something of a mean streak, highlighted the most in this instance. Knowing what we know now--Jay fucked Nas's baby mama (mean streak)--this song is without a speculative, gossip-mongering doubt three verses of thinly veiled I-took-your-girl shots missiles at Nas. Just vicious. And if you think Jay didn't [try to] take care of his Roc fam, here's a prime example of why you're wrong, as he gifts this to Young Memphis the apprentice to use as his own single. It's also a prime example of why I scratch my head during the frequent Bleek trashing here and there. Of course Hova flows on this the nastiest, obviously, but Bleek does damn good too: "Close the door/act like you been in a drop-top on the open road before/fix your weave, then fix me/ever gave head doin 160?" Fuck the haters Memph, I'm checking for your comeback. Just make sure you kick it off with something as flame as this.

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