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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Do you know Big Sean? If not you soon will. The Detroit MC has been signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music team since before Kid Cudi (who has already released two LPs)  and after cultivating a steadily growing internet buzz and playing his position on group features he's ready to drop his debut, Finally Famous: The Album this spring. The first single, "My Last," just came out on iTunes this week but I'm not going to post that here. Instead this post is dedicated to two songs of his that have already came and went online by way of leakers, but deserve so much more. In these days of rampant hackers, rappers are quick to leave a leaked song in the dust to keep the album fresh, cause after it hits nahright everyone's heard it. But isn't that over-exaggerating things a litte? Here's my appeal for my two favorite tracks of his that are heretofore homeless but shouldn't remain so:

What I Do
Like a much better version of Based God (30x better), Big Sean's main concern is letting you know he dresses better than you and fucks badder chicks. Sean the don has no qualms letting you know what he's in this for, given the album title, and a song like this one, about the intoxicating effect of bright lights and hot groupies would be perfect for it. Plus, clocking in at an unfinished 1:23 minutes, the song is cruelly over just when it feels like it got started.

Way Out, ft. Mr. Hudson
"What I Do" would be a nice album cut and maybe even get a few radio spins but this right here is a Billboard hit waiting to happen. Not only does this prove Sean's range as he switches up content to tell a tale of heartbreak, but it also showcases how much of a musical threat the G.O.O.D. Music team is with Boss Kanye providing the cinematic beat and Mr. Hudson (of Young Forever fame) contributing yet another epic, scene-stealing hook. Sure this song's made the rounds by now but it's too colossal for that to matter, and there's a whole world beyond rapradar, nahright and the like.

Thoughts? Are you checking for Finally Famous: The Album?

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